Calling all Cool Summer Women eager to dive deeper into your unique color palette!

Unlock the Secrets to Being a Radiant Cool Summer with Our Comprehensive Guide


Don’t Drown in Color Choices—Master Your Cool Summer Palette with this Definitive 48-Page Guide

Take the guesswork out of Cool Summer styling with a 48-page guide that provides tailored color combinations, seasonal suggestions, and wardrobe palettes.

What you’ll discover inside

48 Essential Cool Summer Colors

We’ve curated 36 vibrant shades spanning red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, along with 12 indispensable dark, medium, and light neutrals.

Evoke Emotions with Colors

Learn how to intentionally wear colors in different settings to evoke specific feelings, both in yourself and those around you.

Color Combinations from Theory

Take the guesswork out of pairing colors with ready-to-use analogous, complementary, and triad combinations.

Streamline Shopping

Know exactly what shades to look for and which to avoid, making shopping trips quicker, more efficient, and far more successful.

The Mixing & Matching Guide

Unlock the power of Cool Summer colors by learning how to mix and match within your palette, giving you an almost endless array of outfit options.

Seasonal Colors for Year-Round Style

We’ll guide you on what to wear in spring, autumn, and winter to harmonize with the vibe of each calendar season

BONUS: A Printable Swatch Card

Take your 48 Cool Summer colors anywhere with a printable swatch card—perfect for on-the-go shopping!

The Better Way to Elevate Your Cool Summer Style


Cool Summer Seasonal Color Guide only $29

the definitive guide to cool summer style

Master your Cool Summer wardrobe with this 48-page guide, complete with custom color combinations, seasonal recommendations, and essential palettes.


Hey there, I’m Stacey, your certified image consultant!

My journey into color analysis began while I was curating my own wardrobe and searching for the best colors to complement my style.

I quickly discovered that knowing your season is just the beginning; it often leads to even more questions and challenges.

That’s why I created this Cool Summer guide—to help you go beyond the basics. In it, I break down the complexities of color theory and offer practical advice, so you can expand your wardrobe effortlessly without wasting time and money on experiments.

My goal is to provide you with a deeper understanding of your Cool Summer colors and how to use them to your advantage.

With certified expertise and personal experience, I’ve designed these guides to answer the questions I wish were answered when I started my own color journey.


Stacey has such a talent for breaking down color theory in a simple way so that it makes sense to others. I absolutely love the cool summer seasonal color guide! I refer to it often. One of my favorite features is the full color palette that shows all the colors for that season, with the best colors marked. I also love the color combo section which explains how pairing certain colors from your palette will evoke different feelings. The color relationships section helps explain color theory a little bit and show how the colors relate to one another. I also love the printable color palette card that you can put in your wallet!And possibly my favorite part is the wardrobe palettes, which gives lots of options for planning cohesive colors in your wardrobe, which is SO helpful when shopping! Overall, I am extremely excited about and pleased with this guide. I know I will keep referring back to it over and over again! - Ashley


Cool Summer Seasonal Color Guide

Your Ultimate Handbook for Mastering cool Summer Fashion

Unlock your Cool Summer style potential with this comprehensive 48-page manual, featuring tailored color pairings, seasonal guidance, and must-have palettes.

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A: You can use this freely for self-use, printed or digitally. You may not sell this product or use it for commercial purposes.

Q: Is this guide suitable for complete beginners in color analysis?

A: Absolutely, this guide is designed to build your confidence in integrating Cool Summer colors into your wardrobe, regardless of your current knowledge level.

Q: Are the colors in the guide universally flattering for all Cool Summers?

A: The colors were carefully curated to suit a wide range of Cool Summers, though individual preferences and other style factors could vary.

Q: Can this guide help me build a capsule wardrobe?

A: Definitely! The guide includes custom color palettes that can serve as the foundation for a cohesive and versatile capsule wardrobe.

Q: Is there ongoing support or updates to the guide?

A: The guide is a standalone product, designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand. While we don’t offer ongoing support for individual queries, you will have lifetime access to any future updates made to the guide.


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